This Refugee in Toronto is Serving Up Happiness One Hot Dog at a Time

Sometimes you have to lose everything in life to realize how much you actually have.

Vesko Valchev moved to Canada from his home country of Bulgaria with the hope to find a better life.

After arriving in Canada, Valchev worked odd jobs until he decided to open up a restaurant but unfortunately lost everything in the process. His life then began to take a downward spiral and soon loneliness and depression merged together, and his grief of his financial disaster consumed his life.

Photo: Huffpo Canada

Photo: Huffpo Canada

However, instead of giving up hope, Valchev found a new way to find fulfilment in life. He opened a hot dog stand and began selflessly feeding Toronto’s poor and homeless.

Rather than letting the loss of his restaurant consume his life, he used it as motivation to give back to those who need help the most.

“I make the foundation, my own foundation, to feed people free on the street. A month later I feel more and more alive, and I discovered that when I give, I start to be alive,” said Valchev.

You can still find Valchev serving up hot dogs at his trademark corner at Wellesley and Church – only now you’ll find a man who has regained his purpose in life. He even offers each customer an inspirational message about love and compassion.