This New Website is a Must Use for Anyone Moving to a Major City

You probably know someone who justifies every opinion of a city by saying something along the lines of “I would know, I live there.”

Well, despite uncle Doug having lived in Toronto since the last time the Leafs won a Cup, it’s very unlikely he knows anything everything about the city’s startup scene. Or salaries for any given profession. Or the average daily activity of people who live there. Or about a hundred other important things affecting your life that uncle Doug’s knowledge is limited to what he read in a headline of the Sun.

Even if he did, he sure as hell couldn’t tell you about any of those metrics anywhere else in the world.


And that’s what makes Teleport so incredible. Teleport is a stunningly comprehensive, joyously interactive, meticulously deep platform that compares the quality of life in major cities around the world. It’s like the Wikipedia for everything you need to know about a place (that’s relevant to your life), essentially combining the findings of dozens of ‘best of’ lists to provide a detailed snapshot of life in over 150 cities.

“But I’m a dog food tester and these kinds of analyses are always meaningless for me,” you bemoan.


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Toronto Data

Teleport is set up to match you with cities based on what you value and prefer in a city. You start by submitting a survey about criteria that matters to you – from cost of living factors like rent, transportation, and the price of lunch to how much much you value low corporate taxes or an active startup scene – and it will calculate a match score out of 100 for each city in the database that’s personalized for your preferences.

Oh, and it’ll even help you move there. Simply enter a city into Teleport’s ‘Plan the Move’ feature and it will walk you through an itinerary of steps that range from setting dates to scanning important documents, and choosing a neighbourhood to applying for the appropriate visa.

And if all that wasn’t impressive enough already, you can also compare cities head-to-head to see if Toronto has more annual hours of sunshine than Montreal (it doesn’t), for example, or if people in Calgary rack up more minutes of daily activity than those living in Vancouver (they do).

Maybe you’ve always envisioned being a UX designer in Kreuzberg as your perfect life when it turns out working as a web developer in Alfama is actually your match made in heaven. That’s the power of this tool – and it’ll do everything except buy your plane ticket to match you with your city of dreams.