This New iPhone Keyboard Finally Made One-Handed Typing Easier

Every seasoned iPhone user knows that texting with one hand is a difficult task — especially if you’re using one of the larger models.

So to stay ahead of the smartphone game, Microsoft has released an iPhone app that is a keyboard replacement called Word Flow. It’s designed to make it easier to text with a single hand, no matter how large your phone screen is.

The new keyboard is free to download for all iPhone users, its standout feature being “arc” mode. Once activated, the keyboard scrunches up into an arc, making it easier to type with one hand. You can also adjust the keyboard for right or left-handed users and add a custom keyboard background.


Word Flow also offers next-word predictions which are very similar to Apple’s Quick Type feature and can predict the next word based on what has already been written for quick entry using natural language analysis, with suggested words available at a tap in a bar at the top of the keyboard.

This keyboard is ideal for iPhone users who are constantly multi-tasking and on the go. It’s the second keyboard Microsoft has launched on iOS this month; the first was their productivity-centric “Hub” keyboard.