This New Housing Concept Could Help Keep Our Generation from Being ‘House Poor’

We already showed you a few pictures of Hivehaus, but after reading more about it, we knew you needed to see even more.

‘Cause it could be a real game-changer.

Hexagonal rooms of 100 square feet join together in a honeycomb pattern to form a studio, office, cottage, or even home. Which is what makes this design so important to a generation not looking to be as ‘house poor’ as their parents. Basically, you can add a room as you need it, and the Hivehaus can grow with you.

There’s no foundation, it can be erected in less than a week, and – theoretically – it is entirely transportable.

In other words, it’s a house that allows you to have freedom. After purchasing the three rooms for £55,000 (that’s right, they’re British), aka a downpayment in Canada, you’re no longer paying rent or a mortgage – and thus no longer trapped in a negative payment cycle.

As inventor Barry Jackson told The Guardian, “A lot of young people won’t ever have that chance that I had. They are still living with their parents in their 30s. It delays having families because people don’t feel that they belong anywhere, because they are stuck in some rental trap. The more I developed this idea, the more I saw that this could be developed for good and hopefully help people who can’t get on the housing ladder.”

Sounds good to us.