A New Line of T-Shirts Has a Bold Message for Dudes Who Are Selfish in Bed

There’s a lot of talk about the gender pay gap, but there’s another area of inequality that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, women aren’t just getting shafted in the boardroom, but also in the bedroom. Specifically, we’re talking about orgasms.

Just last year, Cosmopolitan’s Female Orgasm Survey revealed that 95% men orgasm most or every time they have sex, compared to just 57% of women.

How unfair is that?

To draw attention to this issue, Greek clothing designer Sofia Metsoviti created a line of t-shirts with the cheeky slogan “It’s not done if I don’t come.”

Image: Georgios Athanasiou / Sofia Metsoviti

Image: Georgios Athanasiou / Sofia Metsoviti


Image: Georgios Athanasiou / Sofia Metsoviti

Metsoviti told The Metro that the concept for the shirts came “from talking with friends and realising that often the female orgasm isn’t really considered.”

Some people have criticized the line for putting too much emphasis on orgasms. While we agree that there’s a lot more to sex than the Big O, we have to admit: we have a hard-on for these t-shirts bold, unapologetic message.

After all, life’s too short to be unsatisfied in bed.