This New App is Like Tinder But With Tryouts

Swiping left and right is about to get even more serious.

That is, once Stanford grad Amanda Bradford sets The League in motion. 

Think of it like Tinder – but with tryouts. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t view yourself as one half of a future power couple, this probably isn’t the app for you.

Depending more on LinkedIn than Facebook, you’ll only make the cut to join The League if Bradford and her team decide you’re motivated and hard-working enough. Basically, if you actually spent your 20s doing something other than waking up hungover, you might have a chance.

So far, The League has only been beta tested on about 4,500 people in the San Francisco area. But that was enough to earn Bradford a 2.1 million seed round – with some of that money coming from her former professors.

Doctors, lawyers, and – we can only imagine – a few narcissistic douchbags await.

Though the fact that The League hides your profile from friends, business contacts, and coworkers does sound appealing. And that you only receive a few select potential matches a day.

But of course there’s a downside – imagine how it’ll feel to not be allowed to play at all…


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