This Man’s Instagram Account Gives Us Major Breakfast FOMO

Does love equal symmetry?

In Michael Zee‘s case it sure does.

See, Michael makes sure that his boyfriend Mark van Beek not only gets a delicious breakfast, but that it’s also perfectly instagrammable thanks to its symmetry. Yes we said symmetry. Still confused? Feast your eyes on the most perfect breakfast setting you may ever see.


“People wonder if I’m crazy or obsessive,” Zee told the Guardian last year, “but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated – both to breakfast and to Mark.”

Talk about commitment. Zee gets up early in the morning to prep his work of art and sometimes even prepares it the night before but the effort is really a collaboration between the two partners; Zee cooks and Mark inspires him.


The duo has plans to potentially take their success into the real world with ideas to start a range of homewares and a possible cookbook.

Feast your eyes on the these, and eat your heart out while you’re at it:

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