This ‘Magical’ Gelato in Ottawa Has Sent Hundreds of Women into Labour

One Ottawa gelato shop has been credited for sending hundreds of expectant mothers into labour.

Stella Luna Gelato has created a specialty flavour that’s sending women straight to the delivery room upon consumption.

“I have no proof other than babies are being born and it’s right after a cup of our gelato,” shop owner Tammy Giuliani told Ottawa Morning host Robyn Bresnahan.

The flavour is a blend of rich Mayan chocolate, hot chilli peppers and a dash of cinnamon.

As CBC reports, Giuliani first made the flavour for a very pregnant customer one day – and it worked. Since then, she has served customers who have literally been sent to her shop from the delivery room. “We’ve had women who have lost their water in the bathroom, women panting at the back table mid-cup, ready to rush back to the hospital. So it’s really working,” she said.


Giuliani says the labour-inducing gelato goes beyond the ingredients.

“To have that moment — sitting down and eating, having someone bring you a cup of this — you can just kind of relax,” she said, according to CBC. “I think that is part of the magic. It’s just believing that it can happen.”

One of the best parts? Pregnant women can get the magical labour-inducing gelato free of charge if they visit the shop on their due date.

She plans to start a wall that features photos of babies who were born thanks to a little help from the creamy goodness. For all the restless expectant mothers who don’t live in Ottawa, you can always experiment with your own combo of cinnamon, chocolate and chillies.

Cover image: Benita Baker 

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