This is Why Everyone Should Travel Solo at Least Once

When you read a travel article or review, it often feels like they’re geared towards group or couple vacations with solo travelling overlooked.

But travelling alone isn’t something new or that we should be afraid of. It’s something  every millennial should try at least once, especially considering how independent and ambitious we all seem to be these days.

Travelling alone is a unique experience that allows you to do what you really want without depending on others. And while travelling with a friend or a special someone has its perks, you can get so much more out of a destination if you experience it all on your own – it’s thrilling, exciting and challenging all at the same time.

But remember: solo travel isn’t necessarily synonymous with travelling while you’re single. You can still go on the trip of a lifetime with your significant other waiting for you at home.

Travelling alone might not be for everyone, but here are five reasons why everyone should travel to a foreign destination on their own at least once in their lives.


You’ll Finally Get to Know the Real You
You can spend thousands on a therapist and have some stranger break you down layer by layer and tell you what you’re about. Or you can book a flight to a country you’ve never visited before and be forced to deal with yourself. You’ll get to experience new cultures, reflect on your life, unplug, and discover what it is that truly makes you happy. You can also do things that scare the crap out of you; that you might not normally do with a significant other but allows you think to yourself, “wow I can’t believe I did that.”

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You’ll Learn to Trust Your Intuition
In your regular routine, you always have technology readily available at your finger tips to bail you out when you don’t know where you’re going or can’t decide where to eat. As you travel on your own, you’ll be forced into foreign situations and you’ll be required to trust your gut reaction. On many occasions, you might think to yourself, what if I get lost? Or robbed? But remember: anything that is scary is an opportunity to be empowered and trust your intuition.

Travel, Solo, Alone, World, Travelling, Mountains, Beach

You’ll Have Total Freedom
This trip is all about you and you’re allowed to be completely selfish when it comes to deciding where you want to go and what you want to do. And the best thing about being solo is you can change your plans at the drop of a hat. Chances are you’ll end up meeting other travellers who will share stories about an incredible deserted beach or special delicacies you can only find in a certain town. You’ll want to instantly change your travel plans, and that’s okay because you don’t have to worry about any other itinerary but your own.

Travel, Solo, Alone, World, Travelling, Mountains, Beach

You’ll Meet Incredible People
While you’re on your own, you’re much more eager to meet travel buddies and generally reach out in order to socialize. Before you know it, you could be chatting with a group of travellers at the bar one night and decide to team up with them and join their excursion to another country. Or maybe you’ll meet someone you share a connection with and they’ll join you for the rest of your journey. The key is to keep an open mind and not be afraid to hang out with people you might not normally hang out with.

Travel, Solo, Alone, World, Travelling, Mountains, Beach

You’ll Come Back a New Person
You’ll return home more confidence and be ready to take on things in life that you’ve otherwise been afraid to try. Travelling allows you to realize there’s more to life than worrying about expenses or what your friends are doing every minute on social media. You’ll learn that life is better when you live in the moment and experience everything a place has to offer.

So, if you want to travel alone, stop making excuses. Life will always get in the way if you let it. And if you still need travel inspiration check out these Pinterest-approved summer travel destinations.

Travel, Solo, Alone, World, Travelling, Mountains, Beach

Photo – v-agabonnd