This is What Women Buy When They Get Drunk and Go Shopping Online

Remember back in the old days, when you’d drink until closing time on a Friday, get chucked out of the bar, then head down to the Eaton Centre so you could bang on the door until someone let you in to spend your hard earned cash?

Nope, us neither.

Luckily for our parents’ generation, there was no online shopping to drunkenly engage in. So when Mom and Dad had too much to drink and wanted to impulsively shop spend way beyond their means, necessity required them to wait until daybreak. And by that point they had more than likely sobered up too much to still want to flash some cash.


Image: Finder

But love it or hate it, shopping with your beer-goggles on is a thing for millennials. A recent study by Finder found that about 78 per cent of Americans have made spur of the moment, non-alcoholic purchases whilst under the influence. The largest category? Clothing and shoes, obviously.

Wanting to find out exactly what type of footwear and apparel we add to our virtual shopping baskets when we’re hammered, Racked spoke to Lyst (an ecommerce platform with over 1o,000 designers and stores) — and as it turns out we must be feeling pretty frisky when it comes to booze-fuelled purchasing.

Lyst told Racked that women buy $300 dollars worth of lingerie on Friday nights. The sales of knickers, bras and all other intimates doubles on a Friday evening, with lingerie selling 50 per cent more on a Friday evening, and the average end of the week order value for underwear goes up by 140 per cent.

Perhaps the end of a long week makes us want to treat ourselves? Are we getting paid on a Friday and feeling sassy? Or, far more likely — it’s because our old pal alcohol just convinced us that eating our body weight in McDrunk Food and buying expensive, barely-there lingerie go hand in hand.

Shopping after 1am is when our plastic starts to take a serious beating. After that time our average order value goes up by 40 per cent. And 48 per cent more orders are made at 2am on Friday compared to Monday. Of course, there’s a possibility that some of us are still drunk on the first work night of the week – or that we’re actually making rational, non-Tequila-influenced decisions in the wee small hours at the start of our weekends (either of which are a little concerning).

But since we have probably all sat at our computer screens lubricated by too many cocktails and suddenly decided that charging $300 for that pair of shoes you’ve been lusting over for weeks isn’t so outrageous – it’s probably safe to assume the same juice that made us do karaoke and tell our friends we love them is once again behind things.

So what do we do once we’re done purchasing lacy bras; pass out and regret it all in the morning? You (and your bank balance) wish. After that we still need a dress and shoes to match.

Post-midnight dress sales were 320 per cent higher in the earlier hours of Friday than on Monday, while shoe sales doubled. They cost more too, with heels purchased setting us back 165 per cent more.

But the good news is, you can always send your purchases back if you wake up feeling full of regret (and Vodka). Which is fairer than your hangover can say – because we all know there’s no refund policy on lost dignity.