This is What the World’s Most Expensive Commercial Flight Looks Like

Are you sick of all the lunatics who normally frequent your economy flights with their toes poking between the seats and hair covering your teeny, tiny screen?

Had enough of trying to find novel ways to get some decent shut-eye on your long haul flight?

Well, if you’re looking for something classy, why not buy a ticket on board the world’s most expensive flight? Etihad Airways’ new route between NYC and Mumbai will set you back $48,000 CDN.


Oh, and that’s just a one-way ticket.

The private luxury suite called The Residence may not be cheap, but it certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to up-in-the-air opulence.

The full service begins at your doorstep, where you’ll be picked up and chauffeured to the airport. 

Also included in the ticket is a VIP concierge, private entrance to the airport, and an actual butler – one trained at The Savoy Hotel, no less – at your service.

The private three-room suite in the sky has a reclining leather double sofa, 32-inch flat screen LCD TV, and dining tables.


Thirsty? Enjoy some bubbly from a Vera Wang champagne flute, and dine from a bespoke menu on Bernardaud Porcelain china (24 carat, but you know, no biggie).

When you start to get that gross plane smell, don’t just roll on the Rexona – take a shower in your own private en-suite bathroom.  


While the Residence is pretty appealing, we can’t help but feel that spending a year’s salary on a 15-plus hour flight with a stopover in Abu Dhabi may not be money terribly well spent.

If you fly back in luxury on your way home, you’ll be looking at $97,000 for the round trip.


And if you don’t? Well, imagine the horrors of flying cattle class after you’ve experienced a taste of the high life. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

While we know that $48,000 could definitely be spent better elsewhere, we’ll be damned if that bed doesn’t look hella comfy.THE-RESIDENCE-A380-BEDROOM-LANDSCAPE

All photos courtesy of Etihad Airways.