This is What the Most Desirable House in Sweden Looks Like

Twenty per cent of the Swedish population has indirectly co-designed what the country’s perfect home would like like. 

Architects Tham & Videgård Arkitekter scanned data from a popular real estate portal and drafted the dream house based on an analysis of 200 million clicks on 86,000 properties. 

The structure is aptly called the ‘House of Clicks’, a 1,115 sq. ft multi-level, 3-bedroom dwelling that’s in line with the current trend to reside adobes that look like shipping containers.

This forward-thinking application of big data architecture is a glimpse of how crowd-sourced design could intertwine with the role of architects in the future. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the interior looks straight out of an Ikea catalogue. The features and finishes of the space also directly reflect Swedes’ tastes based on the data analyzed: pen plan kitchens, fireplaces, plain white walls, wood parquet flooring, granite countertops, and gray couches were the big winners. 

The House of Clicks hits the market next year and will be priced on the same web traffic data used to design it. 


All photos credit to Tham & Videgård Arkitekter


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