This is What IKEA Thinks Your Kitchen Will Look Like in 2025. Hint: It’s Amazing

Your table is basically magic. Your fridge doesn’t have doors. And your garbage is vacuum-sealed and labeled.

Welcome to 2025.

For a pop-up exhibit at EXPO Milano 2015, IKEA “asked IDEO London and a group of students from Lund and Eindhoven universities to explore the social, technological, and demographic forces that will impact how we behave around food in 2025.”

And what they came up with is pretty spectacular.

Which isn’t much of a surprise when taking into consideration everything behind this opening press statement:

Of all the rooms in our homes the kitchen is the center of energy, activity, comfort, and creativity—the beating heart of any dwelling. In the coming decade as our environments and habits change, the kitchen as we know it will evolve drastically. More people will move into cities, and our living spaces will become smaller. Natural resources will become more scarce, food more expensive, and waste an increasingly urgent issue. Near-instant grocery delivery will alter how we shop for and store food, and technology will be embedded in every part of our homes. 

So a table that will tell you what to do with your food when you place it on top (think: interactive tablet), and that also has hidden heating induction coils that will heat pots and pans but not the surface (wait, what?!) doesn’t seem all that crazy.

And a fridge that doesn’t have doors but instead has individual cooling departments (tell the fridge what you’re putting in and it’ll give you the correct temperature to store it at) suddenly seems less Jestons than we ever thought possible.

Add a ‘Thoughtful Disposal System’ and a ‘Mindful Water System’ to the mix and we’re just about ready to move in.

All photos courtesy of IKEA