This Is What A $16 Million Dollar Wedding Looks Like

For all you bride and grooms to be… dream away.

As extravagant as Indian weddings can be, this hands down blows the wedding cake off any of them.

Billionaire NRI Magnate Sanjay Hinduja and designer Anusuya Mahtani decided to “splurge” on their special day and blow away a measly $16.5 million dollars on it.

No big deal right?


The insane affair took place in the romantic setting of Udaipur, Western India over 3 days, which if you didn’t know, was the setting for the Bond film Octopussy. Just a little 007 411 for you.

Guests were moved around in an elite fleet of top class BMW and 14 decorated boats, because limos are so 1999.

Some of the top tier entertainment included Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and Jennifer Lopez along with her dancers. I guess wedding singers are also passé.

It was said that around 16,000 people had the chance to experienced all the events surrounding the main wedding celebrations – talk about intimacy at its finest.

Behold and Pinterest away…

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