This is the Trailer for the Donald Trump Documentary He Never Wanted You to See

More than 25 years ago a documentary was filmed about Donald Trump.

But you’ve never seen it.

Because Trump was pissed at how he came across (does that mean he’s never seen himself on TV?) so he sued the man behind the movie, real estate developer and bestselling author Leonard Stern.

Cause he sues everyone.

As Jesse Kornbluth wrote in The Huffington Post, “I was called in to write the piece after the filmmakers shot the footage. It was easy work, because they had remarkable stuff: Donald working with the mob in Atlantic City, intimidating tenants, hiring illegal immigrant labor, verbally assaulting his family and underlings, trying to move a Florida airport because jets flew directly over his home… the list goes on and on.”

And now the movie has been released. You can watch it in its entirety here. Then again, you might get sued if you do…