This is the Best Day to Get Married if You’re on a Budget

As wedding season comes to a close, we know many millennials’ wallets are a lot lighter thanks to months of nuptial-related expenses.

You might even be thinking about how to cut down on costs when you make your way down the aisle.

While Pinterest is filled with cute DIYs for the big day, there’s something simple you can do to keep your wedding on budget that doesn’t require any craftiness whatsoever.


The secret? Get hitched on a Thursday.

Booking a venue on this weekday is 17 per cent cheaper on average than the uber-popular Saturday, reports.

Considering the average cost of a Canadian wedding is around $30,000, the venue being the biggest portion of that budget, these savings are pretty significant.


Not only can it help you cut costs, but you can also reduce the stress of wedding planning since caterers and other vendors will likely be more available on a less popular day.

Of course, the big savings may come at the cost of inconveniencing your guests. Especially if you have people coming from out of town, a traditional weekend wedding is much more accommodating to most people’s schedules.

But hey, considering it’s your big day and your money footing the bill, we say do whatever you want.


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