This is Not a Joke: You Can Now Be a Mermaid or Merman in Montreal

We repeat: You can now be a mermaid or a merman.

And we don’t know whether to flap our tails in excitement or disbelief.

Aquamermaid has just opened up in Montreal and is the first business in Canada to introduce a “school” concept for mermaid swimming. Offering instructional courses and classes, AquaMermaid is accessible to everyone and designed to cater to all age groups and genders.

Again, this is not a joke.

So what can you expect besides Under The Sea blasting across the pool?

Well, according to AquaMermaid: “A structured activity that is safe and fun, and allows you to enjoy ultimate fun in the sun with other adventurous aspiring mermaids, while expressing yourself in a unique way.”

That’s right, just a good time hanging with all your other aspiring mermaid friends.

Of course, if swimming (or flopping for dear life) in a shiny and sparkly tail like a Disney character in preschool training doesn’t appeal to you, AquaMermaid also offers photo shoots – in your mermaid tail, obviously.

With this option there’s no need to be in the water, and they even provide professional mermaid makeup (whatever that may – wait for it – entail), a professional photographer, and three photo edits.

‘Cause you’re clearly going to want to hang these above the mantle next to your sea shell collection.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of being Ariel or you truly understand that “moisture is the essence of wetness,” then your ship may have finally come in.

Just make sure it doesn’t run you over. 


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