This is How People Described the Final Night With Their Ex

Anyone who’s ever been through a rocky breakup can attest that the final night with their ex is never a pleasant affair.

For all you know, this could be the last time you will see this person again, and no matter how badly they hurt or betrayed you, they were still a significant part of your life.

The evening could be emotionally charged full of tears and moments of panic when you frantically try to cling to what’s left of your relationship and plead with your partner to make it work. Or it could be an evening of awkward silence and tense uncomfortable exchanges — a true indicator that your decision to part ways is clearly for the best.

Every couple’s final hours spent together will be wildly different; like no two snowflakes are alike, the same thing goes for relationships.

Which is why it caught our attention when the Huffington Post asked readers to share what their final night with their ex was like on their Facebook page.

The responses accurately paint a picture of how painful those final hours really are.

Here are the top 12 responses.

1. “I had moved out of town and came back for court. We spent the night in a hotel together. It was sweet and sad. We still loved each other and I knew it but I couldn’t convince him things would improve. Three years later we still talk a few times a week and he is my emergency contact.” — Sheila G.

2. “Awkward. He slept in the guest room as he had for the past five years.” —Shannon D.

3. “Silent.” — Imelda J.

 4. “Heartbreaking, sad, peaceful, filled with gratitude for everything we had shared and been to each other.” — Melissa B.

5. “I couldn’t stop crying.” — Gabriella C.

6. “Tense.” — Debra H.

7. “Unaware. I truly had no idea it was the last night.” — Alysha N.

8. “Cold War.” — Taleern L. 

9. “Weird. I was leaving the country to go home and we both knew I wasn’t sure if I’d be coming back.” — Tiffany W.

10. “Distant.” — Joey T.

11. “As friends, when we really were anything but. It was like being in the eye of the storm.” — Carol S.

12. “Intense and sad.” — Bree A.