This is How Much the Highest-Paid Female Athletes Made in the Past Year

The salaries of some of the world’s highest paid female athletes kind of make us wish we took up tennis at a young age.

Forbes has released its list of the world’s highest paid female athletes – and Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams top the list.

According to Forbes, the tennis powerhouses earn an estimated $29.2 million and $24.6 million per year (June 2014-June 2015), respectively. Of course, this comes in the form of salary, winnings, appearances, licensing, and endorsements.

Though tennis as a sport dominates the list, with seven spots in the top 10, Sharapova and Williams earn a lot more than the other women they share the court with. For example, Caroline Wozniacki, third on the list, takes home $14.6 million, while Agnieszka Radwanska, who ranks No. 10, earns just $6 million (boohoo, right?)

When it comes to non-tennis players, NASCAR’s highly endorsed Danica Patrick ranks at No. 4, earning $13.9 million, while the UFC’s hugely popular Ronda Rousey (find 12 of her best quotes here) – somewhat surprisingly – ranks at No. 8, with earnings of $6.5 million.

The world’s 10 highest-paid female athletes earned $124 million collectively:

1. Maria Sharapova
2. Serena Williams
3. Caroline Wozniacki
4. Danica Patrick
5. Ana Ivanovic
6. Petra Kvitova
7. Simona Halep
8. Ronda Rousey
9. Stacy Lewis
10. Agnieszka Radwanska

The good news is that they’re earning more now than ever before. But, like in Hollywood, they’re still earning considerably less than their male counterparts. No women appear on Forbes’ overall list of the 25 highest-paid athletes.