This is How 21 Different Countries Enjoy Their Morning Coffee

You line up at Starbucks every morning, order your vanilla soy, double shot, peppermint white chocolate mocha (with sprinkles) and collect it in a cup with your name spelled wildly inaccurately on – without ever thinking twice about it.

But what if you received your morning pick-me-up with a side of lime or pepper… and condensed milk? Or what if the barista added a lump of charcoal to your daily cup of java?

Around the world, millennials are waking up to a steaming cup of coffee – but it’s probably not the kind that you’re used to tasting.

Here are 21 ways people enjoy their morning cup of coffee around the world.

Spain: Cafe Bombon
This was made popular in Valencia, but has since been modified to suit taste buds in parts of Asia. Café Bombon combines sweetened condensed milk with espresso, which separates to create a dual-colour visual effect.

France: Café au Lait
Espresso and a heavy ratio of steamed milk form the café au lait, commonly referred to in coffee houses as a “latte.” It’s served with a little foam flourish on top.

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Turkey: Turkish Coffee
Finally, that steaming hot life-saver has been given the recognition it so clearly deserves – Turkish coffee is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey, as confirmed by UNESCO. It’s made by preparing unfiltered coffee with roasted and finely ground beans that have been simmered.

Vietnam: Cà phê đá 
The French influence in Vietnam can be keenly felt in their coffee culture, but the Cà phê đá is a truly Vietnamese creation. This dark roast is brewed individually with a French-drip filter and poured into a cup with sweetened condensed milk.

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Photo – Vie Travel

Italy: Espresso
It’s a little more than most of us can probably handle at 7  in the morning, but it’s sure to do the trick if you need to wake up fast. Italians drink a thick shot of java in a small cup with no added milk.

Greece: Frappe
This foam covered iced instant coffee drink was accidentally created by a Nescafe representative in Greece – but given its Mediterranean climate, we’re not surprised the refreshing drink stuck around.

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Photo – Greek Reporter

Cuba: Cortadito
Otherwise known as a Cuban espresso, this type of espresso originated in Cuba once espresso machines were first imported from Italy. It’s sweetened with demerara sugar as it’s being brewed.

India: Kaapi
This south Indian coffee is made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with finely ground coffee powder in a traditional filter – a metal device with two cylindrical cups used to brew the hot drink. 

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Brazil: Café com Limao
Leave it to the Brazilians to add lime to their espresso. Some restaurants put extras on your saucer to enhance your java, like cinnamon and cane sugar lumps. Beware: it has quite a kick.

Germany: Eiskaffee
Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top? This is a coffee ritual we could seriously get used to.

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Austria: Viennese Melange
In Vienna they set up their day with the melange, a drink that dates back to the 1700s – a large cup of espresso and steamed milk with some milk foam and whipped cream on top.

Portugal: Galão
Served in a tall glass, the Galão comes with one quarter coffee and three quarters foamed milk.

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Photo – 360guide

Australia: Flat White
Created Down Under and made popular in New Zealand, this cup of coffee pours microfoam (steamed milk with small velvety bubbles) over a single or double ristretto shot of espresso.

Borneo: Kopi Susu
Milk coffee served in a glass, this hot beverage is also enjoyed in Malaysia and Indonesia. Black coffee is added to condensed milk and then allowed to cool so the grounds sink to the bottom – so don’t finish the whole cup.

Indonesia: Kopi Joss
If you like a cup of steaming hot Joe, try a cup of this Indonesian classic – charcoal coffee. Served by the side of the road with a piece of red hot charcoal dunked in, it’s known for its health benefits – just remove the coal first.

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Malaysia: Ipoh White Coffee
These coffee beans are roasted in palm oil margarine and served with condensed milk for a sweet and silky finish.

Hong Kong: Yuanyang
We don’t all divide neatly into either tea or coffee categories. So for those who like both, there’s Yuanyang, a popular beverage in HK that combines three parts coffee and seven parts milk tea.

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Photo – Pepper Hong Kong

Thailand: Red Tie
…and if you like the sound of that, then you should try a Red Tie – a traditional Thai iced tea with a spicy mixture of orange blossom, star anise, tamarind, sugar and cream all neatly tied up with a single shot of espresso.

Senegal: Café Touba
This special type of Senegalese coffee brews with spicy Guinea pepper that has a fragrance similar to cardamom. Combine with sugar for a sweet and spicy flavour, which can be found on every street corner in Dakar.

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Mexico: Café de Olla
Traditionally served in earthen clay pots, this cup gets its flavour from cinnamon and piloncillo (a sugar commonly found in Mexico) and is mainly consumed in colder climates to warm up.

Japan: Canned Coffee
Pre-brewed and ready to drink, canned coffee is just one of the many things you can order from a vending machine in Japan. You can even get heated cans in the autumn and winter.

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