This Instagram Account Could Help You Bang an Olympian

It’s a well-known fact that Olympic athletes have game – both in and outside the bedroom.

Why else would they need a record amount of condoms for Rio? And considering that having more sex has been linked to improved athletic importance, it really is no surprise that so many Olympians are getting it on.

Thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble, casual sex has never been more… efficient. It’s also made it that much easier for us normies to potentially hook up with someone famous. From A-list actors to pro athletes, everybody is clocking major smartphone mileage swiping left and right on potential bedmates.

Celebrities: they really are just like us!

If you want to know exactly which sports stars have dating app profiles, this Instagram account reveals all.

@sportsswipe, aka Tinder Athletes, it claims that all the photos on the account are taken directly from Tinder and Bumble. It also links to a second account called @riotinder for more Olympic-specific “alternative coverage,” as stated in the account bio.

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While exposing people for their dating app profiles is admittedly pretty creepy, these accounts do exist on a public app. And while some have raised the question of how pro athletes even have the time to Tinder, we think the argument can be made that connecting with some other singles on an app is a lot faster than dating the old-fashioned way.

Who knows, that hot swimmer you’re crushing on may just be a swipe away.