This Incredibly Simple Test Will Tell You Whether It’s Too Hot To Walk Your Dog

Finally, the summer heat has returned to smother our cities in all its glory.

And the first person to complain about it gets punched in the face.

While most of us can deal with the heat, the same can’t be said for animals. The thing is, every summer we hear those tragic tales of dogs losing their lives because their owners left them in a hot car for too long.

But some days, it may be too hot to even walk your dog.

Just like people, dogs can get heatstroke (and their fur coat doesn’t help their cause) but also hurt their paws on the steamy hot pavement.

Well, there’s a trick to tell whether it’s too hot to walk your dog – and an effortless one. A recent Facebook post by Moon Valley Canine Training in Sonoma, California has gone viral, with its suggestion on how to keep your dog safe this summer.

And it’s simple: “Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it for five seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog.”

It’s that simple.

So remember, if the sidewalk happens to be too hot, stay inside, or head to somewhere grassy or shady, and don’t forget to bring them water.