This Incredibly Powerful Video Shows What it’s Like to Live With Depression

There’s a powerful new video on YouTube – and everyone should watch it

“Living with Depression” by actress and director Katarzyna Napiórkowska offers an honest and accurate look into the daily life and personal struggles of someone living with depression.

When one in five Canadian adults will struggle with a mental health issue in their lives, you’ll likely be affected by depression – whether directly or indirectly. So, it’s definitely worth the three minutes and change it takes to watch it.

The video shows a girl (played by Napiórkowska) going through the various stages of depression – from initial denial, to “getting used to putting on a social mask,” and the point where you have two choices: to get help or to end your life.

Not only does the video offer insight into the spiral of the illness, it explains why certain people may tend to isolate themselves from others and sabotage relationships on purpose.

When it comes to recognizing the warning signs of others, it’s something we must all make our responsibility – from employers to family members. Doing so could literally mean the difference between life and death.