This Heartbreaking Video Shows What it’s Like to Live With Cystic Fibrosis

We’re well aware of the ramifications of diseases like cancer, which has affected us all to some degree.

But a disease that gets less attention, though can be just as deadly, is cystic fibrosis.

I can clearly remember a campaign from a few years back that featured a child submerged in water and claimed that the disease was like “drowning on the inside.” In this video by Cystic Fibrosis Canada, 22-year-old Tara Bourque describes life with cystic fibrosis like trying to catch your breath after 400-metre sprint – just to brush your teeth.

Bourque says she spent 6-7 hours of treatment a day in between eating and sleeping prior to a double lung transplant a few years back.

Although she received the transplant, Bourque says that her lungs are in chronic rejection and she anticipates she’ll need a second transplant sooner than she would have liked.

As for how she deals with it all, she says she goes into every appointment expecting the worst, so that anything better is easier to deal with. It’s impossible to watch the video and not feel grateful for something many of us take for granted almost everyday: our health.

It will also inspire you to donate to the cause; as you’ll see in the video, even a small amount makes a major difference in treating those with cystic fibrosis.