This Genius Finger Biscuit Allows You to Eat Nutella Straight From the Jar

There’s a new invention for Nutella-lovers (everyone).

It’s basically a finger biscuit that allows you to shamelessly dip your finger into a Nutella jar the next time the craving strikes for some chocolate and hazelnut goodness.

The brainchild of Italian designer Paolo Ulian, the thimble-shaped biscuit sits on the tip of your finger and allows you to dunk into that tub until there’s none left. Most importantly, it alleviates the sticky finger problem and arguments with roommates/significant others about eating straight from the jar.

The biscuit isn’t just for Nutella (though that’s certainly the best use for it) – you can also dip into things like peanut butter and other spreads.

Our only question is, why didn’t anyone think of this before? Well, actually, they did. The concept of the finger biscuit was first introduced at the Pappila exhibition in Bolzano/Milan in 2004, but it has yet to hit the market.

All we have to say is, bring on the crowdfunding campaign (please).