This Dad Got a Cochlear Implant Tattoo to Support His Daughter’s Hearing Loss

Dad’s are really capturing hearts this week and what better way to celebrate the arrival of #TGIF than with another heart-warming story of a father’s love.

Alistair Campbell of New Zealand did something quite amazing for his daughter Charlotte.

The little girl is deaf in her left ear and also has a condition in her right, which doesn’t allow for sound to transmit to her brain properly.

To help her hear, Charlotte had to receive two cochlear implants, a process that has left her reserved and shy.


So what does an awesome dad do in a situation like this to make his baby daughter feel like she’s no different than the other kids out there? He shaves his head and gets his own cochlear implant tattooed on his head to show her it’s actually a cool thing to have.

Apparently, Charlotte is now a social butterfly compared to before.

Way to go, papa.

Alistair will most likely let his hair grow back but whenever his daughter needs another boost of self-confidence, he’ll shave it all down again.