This Contest Will Make Your Free Time $1,500 Better

One thing we could all use more of is time – especially free time.

This concept, however, is an elusive one to many pavement-pounding millennials.

That’s why we’re forever grateful for anything that comes along that will unshackle us from this burden.

Case-in-point: effective and secure online and mobile banking.


Imagine the time it takes out of your day to physically enter a bank to cash a paycheque or take out money for the weekend. Online and mobile banking, of course, means you can bank on your own schedule – whether that means midnight or mid-meeting.

And that’s pretty brilliant (seriously, how did our parents manage without?).

The key to having more free time is the ability to multitask. For example, with online banking, you can take care of all your bills, transfers and other banking needs on your morning transit commute.


Enter Scotiabank, an award-winning leader in online and mobile banking. You probably already knew that. What you may not know, however, is that Scotiabank wants to make you $1500 richer.

So you really can be ‘richer than you think’.

All you have to do is tell Scotiabank how online banking frees up your time (and really, in what ways does it not?), accompanied by the hashtag #MyFreeTime on Facebook, or Twitter. One of three $1,500 prizes, along with other weekly giveaways, are just a comment away.


Think of all the summer concert tickets, clothing, and road trip opportunities that could buy.

Act now – the contest ends June 30. Visit for all the details.