This Comedian’s Response to Being Turned Down for a Date is the Worst We’ve Ever Seen

Everyone’s a comedian these days, amiright?

Well, it turns out that no, that’s just not true.

Even funny people by trade don’t always hit the mark – especially ones who spout hateful messages to women who turned them down (politely) for a date.

As Mike Faverman is learning, 2016 is a difficult time to be dating; made even more challenging when you send vile messages online after getting knocked back (Pro Tip: Girls show friends their messages, Mike. All. Of. Them.).

And while we have seen our fair share of hilarious dating stories told via Twitter (see: example 1 and example 2), this particular tale falls more on the ‘Holy sh*t this is awful’ side of things.

Having apologized for turning down Mike’s advances, an anonymous female was treated to a barrage of misogynistic abuse, as the “comedian” with a bruised ego informed her that she isn’t out of his league and referred to her as fat



Twitter user Jeremy Burke posted the woman’s pull conversation with Mike for all the world to see.

Strap yourself in – this could be the single worst response we’ve ever read.