This Chart Shows How Much a Haircut Costs in Cities Around the World

Over the past few weeks we’ve broken down how much young professionals need to earn in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal in order to survive life in Canada’s three largest cities.

We factored in all the essentials – housing, transportation, groceries, dining, drinks, health and fitness – but overlooked one key metric: haircuts. This is partly because we forgot how essential haircuts are to life as human beings on earth, as well as the fact that we had no opportunity to obtain data on haircut prices.

Well, someone’s done the hard work for us, collecting data on haircut prices in major cities around the world (sadly, Vancouver was not included in the final analysis).

While a woman’s haircut in Montreal will set you back around $35 on average, women in Toronto can expect to pay a relatively modest $26. Men in Montreal, meanwhile, will spend $23 on average, while men’s haircut prices in Toronto hover around $14.

See the full list below: