This Chart Shows How Countries Around the World Spend Their Money

According to data compiled by statistical information agency Eurostat, taking a look at how households spend their money is a great way to confirm national stereotypes.

Americans have a major healthcare problem (21% of household spending), Russians love to indulge in vices (8% of household spending on cigarettes and alcohol), and Europeans take their leisure seriously (8% of household spending on hotels and restaurants).

Canadians, like most people around the world, spend the majority of their income on housing, fuel, and utilities. We also spend above average on transportation, recreation, furnishings, and tobacco and alcohol. Despite astronomical tuition and cell phone fees, we spend below average on education and communications.

Other notable findings: Saudi Arabians spend less than 1% on alcohol and tobacco (but love furniture!), Indians and Russians spend most of their money on food, and Europeans spend the least on education.

How does this data stack up to your own personal spending?