This Canadian Kitchen Was Just Named the Best in the World

A roomy, well-designed kitchen is the gathering ground at parties, a talking point for visitors, and a source of inspiration to actually want to cook (and clean).

It’s also often known as the heart of the home.

You’ve probably had kitchen envy upon entering one of your friend’s contemporary homes as of late and wished it were your own – I know I have.

Well, now the rest of the world can have kitchen envy because the best contemporary kitchen on the planet just happens to be in our own backyard, according to an international design contest.

Winnipeg-based architect Dov Secter’s kitchen beat out 1,700 entries from 16 countries to take home the coveted title in the contest, which was put on by appliance makers Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Secter designed the kitchen on his own. Its clean, minimalist design theme features white, grey, and marble. The kitchen also serves as his office, and he often invites clients in to see his work.

“The kitchen used to be utilitarian, where it was a room you could close it off and not even go in there,” said Secter, according to CBC. “Now with everyone wanting open concept, knocking down walls, expansion of the family unit and entertainment into the kitchen, it’s got to look good all the time.”

Of course, the sleek, open concept design doesn’t compromise practicality.

“My wife is a great cook, and it’s really a functional kitchen where the family all works together so we want to be able to hide things away quickly, have things quickly accessible, and if a client comes through, have places where everything can kind of disappear,” he said.

The appliances blend in and become part of the aesthetics of the space. Features include automated cupboards, freezer drawers, a rising “appliance garage” hidden in the island, and a stove top that doubles as counter space and won’t burn your hand.

Check it out for yourself: