This Canadian Kickstarter Project Can Turn Anything on Your Phone from 2D into 3D

It’s called Holus.

It’s from Vancouver based company H+Technology. And to borrow from its Kickstarter page, it “provides a blend between the digital and real world by covering flat screen content into a 3D holographic experience.”

So basically, it’s magic.

From video games and FaceTime, to 3D printing and impressing the sh*t out of your friends, Holus aims to create a ‘social campfire’. Which is to say, there’s no better view, no superior angle to interact with it – it has you covered on all sides.

Of course, it also has phone chargers, speakers, motion tracking, and, you know, that whole 3D aspect we were talking about.

Check it out for yourself – this could, quite literally, be what the future looks like…