This Beautiful Condo Concept Could Be the Future of Living Small

The bed is in the ceiling. The dining table is in the floor. The kitchen is hidden behind doors.

Welcome to your YO! Home.

Inspired by the fact that space (in big cities) is at an all-time high, the YO! Home prototype is from the same people who brought you YOTEL – a line of affordable luxury hotels.

And this system could turn your tiny apartment into one hell of a dream home.

The bed is housed in the ceiling until you need it, allowing you to enjoy the space beneath as your living room. When you’re ready for bed, simply lower your queen-size from its own resting place and nestle is atop your custom couch. Boom – one room becomes two.

Same goes for the dining table. The magic eating spot appears from the floor, quite literally, with the push a button.

We don’t know about you, but we can use all the extra space we can get. And if it comes with some swank style to boot, who are we to complain…

All images courtesy of YO! Homes.