This Awesome Micro Wind Turbine Will Solve All Your Dead Phone Problems

Scaling Mount Everest is a gruelling endeavour marked by frightening isolation, perilous physical demand, and a high risk of death.

It’s also greatly inopportune for your phone battery as USB ports are in non-existent supply around those parts.

Mountaineers, desert explorers, long-hail hikers, and groups of bros camping for the weekend will be delighted to know, then, that they can now juice up in the most remote locations of the world thanks to the invention of German designer Nils Ferber.

Enter the Micro Wind Turbine.


It works like so:

The construction of the vertical axis rotor is based on the principle of tension and compression and unfolds within seconds by simply pulling the telescopic shaft apart. It can capture the wind from all directions and is directly mounted to the generator axis that is placed in the lower part of the shaft. The produced energy will either be stored in an integrated battery pack or can be used directly to charge devices on the built-in USB port.

Wonderful. It boasts an output of 5 Watts at a windspeed of 18 km/h and can be scaled to adapt to varyious scenarios. More cool stuff below:

Those looking for a ‘BUY IMMEDIATELY!!!’ link will have to exercise some patience – a prototype of the wind turbine will be presented at Dubai Design Week next month, which means it’s probably at least 100 full iPhone charges away from hitting the market.



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Pictures by Christian Holweck / Jagoda Wisniewska / Nils Ferber