This Awesome Group of Guys Makes Up to $1,000 a Week Waiting in Lines for People

Lines: God’s punishment for wanting nice things.

But for one group of particularly savvy gentlemen, they’re also a lucrative business opportunity.

Same Ole Line Dudes LCC is a team of professional line-sitters that waits for your wants – everything from new iPhones to Saturday Night Live tickets, Air Jordans and cronuts. Someone even paid them $25 plus the cost of the order to deliver this derelict chicken sandwich:

#fukusanity #Chicken #foodporn delivered in Manhattan for $25 + cost of order #347744WAIT call or text today! #linesitters

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They earn up to $1000 a week, sometimes waiting in line for days, and have created a pretty robust little empire for themselves. Their service starts at $25 an hour, plus $10 for each additional half hour after that. That’s already $45 dollars for a two-hour commitment, which is the minimum booking length. Additional costs include charges for inclement weather ($), delivery to Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx ($$), and journeys on the Staten Island Ferry, New Jersey Path, LIRR, or Metro North Station ($$$). SOLD’s Instagram is especially awesome, regularly publishing line reports on location.

Their website even features photos of prominent lines they’ve waited in as testament to their outstanding work. Incredible!

The consumerist human behaviour that allows a business like this to thrive is a pretty clear indication that society’s going off the rails, but that’s no fault of the Line Dudes.

Check it out: