This App Won’t Show You Photos From Your Night Out Until Noon the Next Day

Odds are, most of us have woken up at least once (a month) and had to piece the night together with the help of text messages from the night before, confused phone calls with friends, and, of course, photos on our phones.

And those photos aren’t always pretty. And the videos are often worse.

As in, you’d die if they ever made their way to social media.

Well, there’s now an app that will change the way you party. It will piece together the night for you. It’s called Flashgap, and it’s inspired by the movie The Hangover. The delayed photo-sharing app enables users to create a private photo album associated with an event – whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or typical Saturday night out – and invite others to contribute their photos. The catch is, the photos won’t be accessible until noon the following day, when you’re just surfacing from your hangover and trying to figure out just what the hell happened.

That’s when you and all of your friends can simultaneously shudder as you relive the debauchery and ridiculousness of the night before.

As opposed to unwanted photos ending up on Facebook or Instagram (thanks to your buzzed best friend), with the app, you and your party-mates can keep the dirty details of the evening to yourselves, free of censorship.

Not to mention, it gives you something to (hopefully) look forward to the morning after.