This All-Natural $40 Jet Lag Cure Could Be Worth Every Penny

There are few things worse in life than dealing with jet lag after a long-haul flight.

And anyone who has crossed multiple time zones knows the pain and misery of jet lag. You’re tired when you need to be alert, you can’t fall asleep when you need to — it’s like being hungover without the joy of first getting drunk.

Many travellers would do pay just about anything to eliminate the frustration of jet lag from their travel itineraries while other travellers continue to suck it up or swear by their own personal systems (see: sunglasses, a sleeping pill, and a beer when they wake up).

Airlines are now going as far as implementing jet lag fighting systems, which are designed to ensure travellers arrive at their final destination feeling completely refreshed.

But you can’t always guarantee you’ll end up on one of those flights. So in order for all travellers to have access to jet lag fighting services, Stop Jet Lag focuses on providing travellers with custom travel plans that strategically calculate a custom schedule of what to eat and drink, when to eat, when to sleep, when to put yourself in front of some bright light, and when to take melatonin supplements.

“We gear everything — sleep, meals, caffeine, light exposure — around your travel times and where you’re going,” said Bill Ashton, a computer scientist and co-creator of Stop Jet Lag. “Generally, early birds have an easier time going east and night owls feel better going west. But the rules of thumb can throw you off if you follow them at the wrong time.”

And while the Stop Jet Lag’s services cost $40, it could be worth every penny, especially for those travelling multiple time zones for work, if they end up arriving feeling like they’re ready to hit the day rather than the hay.