This Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Any Smell You Want… Including Cold Hard Cash

Cash gets most people out of bed in the morning – and one company is taking that fact literally.

SensorWake has developed the world’s first olfactory alarm clock, a genius invention that eases you out of your slumber with smell, rather than sound. The gadget is equipped with rectangular pods that disperse the scent of coffee, croissants, the ocean, or even money, which is a much more pleasant way to rise and shine than whatever sorry excuse for a morning greeting you’ll find on your iPhone.

We foresee a bacon option.


“I thought that now, in the 21st century, everyone should have the right to wake up happy, relaxed and peaceful, ready for a great day,” says 18-year-old creator and college student Guillaume Rolland of France.

Consumer tests showed that 99% of people woke up to SensorWake’s proprietary diffusion of charming aromas within two minutes; for those who don’t wake up, an audio alarm goes off after three minutes to finish the job.

Google recently recognized Guillaume’s idea among the top 15 “inventions that can change the world,” and the project’s kickstarter page has already generated more than double its target pledge.

Shipping is expected to commence this November.