This Adorable Video of 4-Year-Olds Discussing Marriage Will Cure Your Monday Blues

If you need a little pick-me-up this Monday morning, we have just what you need.

In this adorable video, two ridiculously cute British four-year-olds discuss what it means to be married (and they actually may have more to say on the subject than many of us do).

While their insight is pretty cute, their accents just add to the whole thing.


When the little girl informs the boy, Layton, that they will have to live together if they are married, he looks to the camera and asks – in his accent – “Can I visit my mummy?”

When she later goes in for a kiss, Layton – quite correctly – informs her that it isn’t a good time to lock lips because of her “coleslaw,” referring to a visible cold sore on her lip.

Apparently, that didn’t go over so well with the little girl, who declines his request for a hug, saying that you can’t hug with “coleslaws” either.

Check it out for yourself to feel better about everything in your life.