This 0-Calorie Raindrop “Cake” Might Be the Coolest Dessert You’ll Ever See

You know those people who are always going on about how they can’t consume any calories because of some insane diet they’re on and you say something like, ‘Hey, why don’t you just live off water then?’.

And then they tell you it’s impossible to live off water before diving into a dinner that looks like the trimmings of a flower bouquet?

Well, would you look at this: a raindrop that can sustain a life and doesn’t suck to eat.

That’s because it’s actually a cake, and on top of its a 0-calorie, guilt-free appeal, it’s an incredibly awesome and delicious dessert. The Raindrop Cake is New York City–based chef Darren Wong’s take on a Japanese cult dessert and consists of only mineral water and gelatin or agar, which is served with roasted soybean flour and sugar cane syrup.

Raindrop Cake

Photo: Tim Ireland/Slate

“It’s a light, delicate and refreshing raindrop made for your mouth,” says Wong about the masterpiece.

Nearly impossible to store and transport, its texture very closely resembles that of water. Even the slightest movement of fluctuation in temperature can cause it to… splash?… all over the place.

Whether it can be called a “cake” is up for debate – what it definitely is, however, is a work of art.

Ladies and gentleman, the next Cronut appears to have officially arrived.

Raindrop Cake

Photo: Tim Ireland/Slate