Think Before You Ink: You Can Now Test Drive Your Next Tattoo

I flirt with the idea of getting a tattoo from time to time.

The problem is, I often get sick of a shirt or a piece of jewellery days after I buy it. No matter how meaningful, artistic, or creative my imagined tattoo may be, I can’t stop the lingering thought that I’d want it removed from my body not too long after the ink sets in.

I’m know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Not to mention, I have more than a few friends who most definitely regret the tattoo choices they made in their younger years (yes, including a few of those lower back tattoos). But then there are those times when you see a really cool tattoo and are inspired (yet again) to head to the tattoo parlour yourself.

Well, now you can get the actual tattoo you want, where you want it, and try it out for up to 10 days instead of making a decision you may later regret. Think of it as an amplified temporary tattoo that won’t peel away the first time you hit the shower.

Enter Momentary Ink, which bridges the gap between a temporary tattoo and the real deal.


You can either upload your design in whatever form you have and they’ll transform it into the final product, work with a tattoo artist online (either in-house or your local shop), or choose from existing options on the site. The company will ship the tattoo within 24 hours of the order. The application process is simple: you adhere the tattoo to your skin and wet it, spray a thin layer of sealing solution, then brush on the proprietary matting solution.

Naturally, this also means you can share your tattoo on social media to see what your “friends” think (though it really shouldn’t matter).

The tattoos won’t break the bank, either; prices for a single tattoo range from $15-$21 USD, depending on the price. The largest they offer is 10-12 inches. If you’re in the market for a little body art, these “tattoo training wheels” are a no-brainer.