#TheUpsideNow: Open Your Eyes

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You’ve got the Monday blues. So what? Get off your high horse and get real with yourself.

Get real, right now.

Don’t let another negative thought that brings you down go through that powerful mind of yours. Everyday is a new life to a wise person. Be wise today and open your eyes. Inspiration is around the corner. Or better yet…inspiration is in front of you. It’s right there!

All you need to do is open your eyes.

The secret to success? Well, in my (slightly) humble opinion, it’s to stop thinking so small. To stop thinking that it’s all about you. You feel tired. You feel bored. You feel unfulfilled. You feel like you don’t know what you are doing with your life (that’s a lot of you’s). Get outside of yourself.

Open your eyes to all of the inspiration around you. It’s everywhere. You just need to recognize that it’s all around you and within you. It’s in the office, the cubicle, or the cafe that you’re sitting in as you read this from right now – someone had the drive and determination to build the company that currently employs you or the business from which you are enjoying your latte (I’m about to go and get my Americano). That person heard a lot of “no’s” to get to where they are now; they probably still do hear them, but it doesn’t stop them.

It’s in the computer that you’re using to read my weekly #TheUpsideNow from. Was it Steve Jobs or Bill Gates that, if you were to just stop thinking about yourself for a second and open your eyes, could be inspiring you right now!!??

Open your eyes. Just waking up and being isn’t enough anymore. You want more. You deserve more. Open your eyes and really take a look around your incredible office in your fruitful city in this awe-inspiring world that we are in.

Open your eyes and be inspired tips: 

1 – Set yourself up to like what you see when you open your eyes: Increase your chances of seeing something inspiring by carefully choosing the company you keep and the people and places that you associate yourself with. Hear what Peter Aceto, President and CEO of ING Direct says about that in this video from the Notable Awards. If you’re hanging out with the right people, at work or at play, you will see more that can have a positive impact (IF you open your eyes) then you would if you are hanging out with people that are bringing you down. These types of people live life with “blinders” on. It’s unfortunate. It’s also true.

2 – If it’s not right in front of you then search it: Sometimes we need to actively seek more to inspire us so that when we open our eyes we see life through a positive lens. Read books that suggest a positive way of seeing or being, attend seminars and conferences where you can’t help but open up your eyes and be inspired. Learning is inspiring! As young professionals part of our job description to being our best selves is to always be growing and learning.

3 – Live a healthy and active lifestyle: Carefully choose what you are putting in your body from food to booze, be mindful and intentional. Understand the nutritional breakdown of what you are consuming (this information is abundant, search the answers, don’t be lazy), what you put in is what you get out. Exercise daily (even for only 20 minutes), not only will you release endorphins which will make you feel amazing but generally speaking, healthy and active people are positive to be around. These are people who care about their body, ultimately holding themselves up to a hire standard of life then you will find by the “regulars” at your local watering hole.

I write this week’s #TheUpsideNow from Montreal. I ended up having such an eye-opening evening on Friday night when I arrived …

Beginning with hearing the story of Montreal based PUR Vodka and how one of the two YP partners withstood a near-fatal disease as he was building the business and how his business partner stood by him, working double time to “take one for the team”.

Later I got to know the restaurateur behind Cafe Ellefsen, a YP who has created something incredible. A must-try restaurant in Montreal to say the very least.

As the night progressed I enjoyed a cocktail with a 34 year-old YP neurosurgeon who has dedicated a significant amount of his life to educating himself so that he can perform work that is truly saving lives. He bettered himself and honed his craft while others just spoke about “making it happen”. Now that is notable.

Lastly I spoke with, JaBig, a DJ who moved to Montreal from Kenya and is about to embark on a 365-day world tour where he will play for 365 days/nights straight as he raises funds to help end child hunger.

Open your eyes. Be inspired. Be real with yourself. The rest will happen.

Julian Brass
Founder and Publisher, Notable.ca 

Thanks to Andrew at CubaGallery for use of this gorgeous photo