#TheUpsideNow: More Than You Think You Are

We are capable of more than we think we are. So much more. Most people don’t push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Why?

How many times have you pushed yourself to do something that didn’t feel natural at the time? But when you asked for more resources and the courage to persevere to accomplish what you were doing, you got them and succeeded…

You almost always will get the resources you need. From within or from a helping hand – it’s just a matter of putting everything into what you are going after. And if you don’t get them, the worst-case scenario is that you will learn and grow. Plus, you can take pride in the fact that you tried.

The best part? Most often what happens is that you actually succeed and accomplish what you didn’t think you would be able to accomplish. We are capable of more than we think we are – everything we need is within us – yet too often we don’t ask ourselves for it. Why?

You’ve probably heard the saying “ask for it and you shall receive.” I say this: ask yourself for it and you shall receive.

It goes for everything in life.

Yesterday being the three-year anniversary of Notable and all, I realized that when I first started building this company back in November 2008, I didn’t have everything I needed at the time. Far from it, actually. But I went all in, gave up a steady job, security, and almost everything else you can imagine, in order to realize my vision into a reality. I asked for help (not necessarily directly asking for “help,” but I did in different ways) along the way, from mentors, various strategic partners, employees, clients, contractors, interns, friends, and even family.

Most of all, I asked for more from myself and I got what I needed to push forward.

We all have an abundance of resources at our fingertips. Literally, they’re right in front of you and within you, right now. They’re waiting for you to ask. Perhaps it is disguised as a challenge, a boss, an opportunity or a relationship waiting to move to the next level – you name it.

You are capable of more than you think you are. So go for it. Get after it. Ask for it. And you shall accomplish it. What is an example of a time you asked for something or went after something and got it? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading this week’s #TheUpsideNow. Make this an incredible week, ladies & gents! It’s yours.

Julian Brass,
Founder and Publisher, Notable.ca