#TheUpsideNow: Be Bigger and Better

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Be bigger today then you were yesterday and you will see how much you’ve grown.

Take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary and you will see that you can.

Get kind with the world and you will see that in your own way, you can “be the change”.

Make a commitment and keep it, it will strengthen your character.

When you hit a bump in the road, miniscule or massive, buckle up, put your head up high and drive straight.

Want to know how to win this game of life? Be bigger then your former self and you will literally feel yourself improving. That’s how! Just be bigger and better today then you were yesterday and everything will work out incredibly well. Imagine how simple it is to just merely be better today … don’t overthink it. Just be better and be bigger, the rest will be the story of your life. A story that one day you will share with someone special to you.

The past is the past. You may have messed up on a project, missed an opportunity, screwed up a relationship, said something you regret, went left when you wish you had gone right, whatever!

That was yesterday.

Today focus on 1 thing: Being bigger and better

Tomorrow focus on 1 thing: Being bigger and better

The day after … you get the idea.

That’s all you need to focus on. Everything else is just noise. No human is perfect and making mistakes is part of being a person. If you’re reading this you’re a person (or a spam-bot, in which case please stop). Those that we look up to, the leaders whom we’ve learned from and admired over time, are the few that refuse to dwell on the past for more then a brief moment in order to learn from it. They are more focused on being bigger and better then they are to look back any longer then is needed to digest and to learn from what happened.

Be bigger and better – that is advancement.

Look at the world through bigger lenses today then you did yesterday and you will be better.  Be better every day this month; let me know how you feel.

Julian Brass,
Founder and Publisher, Notable.ca 

Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/outerhebrides/ – outstanding work!