These YP Moms Have Conquered the Fashion Game

It’s hard enough to determine what we are going to wear every morning, but having to worry about your children’s ensembles is a whole other battle. From beanies to booties, these young professional moms have not only conquered the adult fashion game, but crawled their way to the top of the kids department as well. Here’s what inspires them and their children’s wardrobes, if their kids have a say in what they wear everyday, and their favourite places to shop.

1. Catriona Lamb
Creator of lifestyle blog Coco & Cowe and the Mother of 19-month-old Harlowe Lake. 

“My daughter is already quite decisive about what she wants to wear (sunglasses are mandatory for some reason, even indoors.) I’m inspired by fashion for girls that doesn’t scream “I’m a girl and I love ponies!” I like to dress her in fun casual wea,r especially harem pants and bubble shorts and stuff that’s breathable and easy to clean. My favourite places to shop for Harlowe in Canada are Advice From A Caterpillar and Zara online. I also love AKID for super cool shoes that are easy to put on and don’t require socks.


2. Julie An Tran
Director at a leading fashion retailer, mom to 18-month-old Ben. 

“As a young mom who has a career in retail, it’s only natural to be inspired by fashion trends, which in turn keeps my young one trendy. I can’t say there is one single destination I go to when shopping for Ben, but I tend to gravitate toward places that carry basic items that I could see myself or my hubby having in our wardrobes now.”

3. Rachel Surreya
Photographer, director of online children’s clothing boutique Little Nuggets and mom to 8-month-old Jake Stone. 

“I love to dress my little one up in clothing he can be comfy in but also keeps him looking stylish at the same time. Zara kids (in the US) has some awesome stuff. Their clothing is affordable and is of great quality. I also shop a lot at a store in Laguna Beach called Little Bohemian. They sell amazing lines such as mini & maximus, Nununu baby, Kickeepants and a bunch of other great brands. And, of course, my online site, Little Nuggets.”

4. Loretta Mao Kim
Owner of a communications and management consultancy and “cool mom” to 6-year-old Lily.

“Lily is the coolest little princess. Her inspirations come from TV, movies and, of course, my wardrobe. She is obsessed with the family channel and currently loves “Shake it Up” and likes to wear anything similar to girls on the show. Lily seems to take anything that she likes and pairs it with a tutu and Nikes. Generally, I shop at Zara kids, Kool Kid and Nununu, which is a brand that we can usually settle on. Lily loves the star prints and soft pinks, and I love the cut and cloth of every piece. It’s like Alexander Wang for mini humans.”

5. Christina Cheng
A journalist, stylist and creative contributor to various outlets; mother to 9-year-old Elijah. 

“Because Elijah and I are only 16 years apart, we have a unique mother/son, sister/brother, and best friends relationship, which requires a lot of clothes sharing. Because I’m a lover of men’s fashion and I’m a petite little thing, my son has the upper hand at rocking the most fly pieces of gear. 

It’s safe to say that my son’s style is influenced by today’s generation of “Hypebeasts.” This requires rocking the latest kicks, snap back hats, bucket hats, slim fit pants, you name it! I recently brought home Hypebeast magazine’s “Legacy Issue” where Elijah immediately flipped through the pages and was exposed to various lifestyle street brands. He is exposed to so much art and culture and picks up on lifestyle pieces and brands via social media that speak to him. He definitely found his niche (for now that is). One of his favorite shops in the city is Stussy. When Stussy and Looney Toons did a collection of collaborative tees, he got every model in every colour. This is also something we share at rare occasions. 

6. Diamond Truong
A real estate broker and mother to 3-month-old Coco Rose. 

“I prefer clothes that are easy to put on and made from the softest materials. Since I have a baby girl I have been taking the luxury of indulging in beautiful designer dresses such as Cavali, baby Hermes, baby Gucci, baby Lanvin and baby Dior. One of my favourite shops is Monna Lisa in Yorkville. I also shop plenty online. I love, they always feature the best sleep sacks. As for gear, I am a researcher and search many websites prior to actually purchasing. With that being said, the baby time show that happens twice a year in Toronto is the best resource. They often have great deals, lots of information and I’ve never seen so many pregnant women in my life… it’s a whole new world with brand-name strollers, brand-name car seats and high-end cribs.” 

7. Natasha Geddes
Marketing Director at The Fifth Inc. and mother to 2-year-old Chleo and 4-year-old Graydon. 

“We shop at Joe Fresh, Zara kids, and find plenty of fantastic kids pieces when we travel throughout Europe (Switzerland and France, to be specific). I focus on comfort and uniqueness when dressing Chleo and Graydon.”


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