These Super Healthy Chef-Designed Meals Are the Perfect Match for Your Active Lifestyle

Something’s got Montreal abuzz and it’s coming to Toronto.

Now that we have your attention, we intend on keeping it: we’re talking about food here. Healthy, delicious, no-prep cuisine for your active lifestyle.

We could all make a few changes to our meal plan, of course. The problem is, ain’t nobody got time for that.


Between juggling a hectic professional schedule and buzzing social life – with just enough time to squeeze in some time at the gym ­– eating healthy is a commitment that too often gets tossed in the bin.

So you settle for some sort of Soylent, or unimaginative meal prep that spans two weeks, or, worst of all, fast food. But what if we told you there was an alternative?

It’s called Real Life Food.


And no, we’re not just making up terms. Real Life Food is a line of super healthy, fresh-not-frozen meals you can order online to your home or office with essentially no prep or clean-up required. It probably takes more effort to enter your height and weight on a treadmill.

Did we mention everything is prepared by a team of chefs?


Whereas the meal kits we know and love take 60 minutes to prepare, Real Life Food takes about as much time as it does to comprehend a meal kit recipe.

So now that we’ve wiped visions of Hungry-Man from your conscience, let’s dive into the bliss within your BPA-, plasticizer- and phthalate-free bag.

Real Life Food is the creation of Montreal-based Otago, and comes in two prep styles: Heat and Eat. Otago Heat requires you to warm up the packaged items in boiling water using the sous-vide technique (safer than a helmet on a Stairmaster), ensuring your microwave remains unused since your university years.


Because a dose of radiation should be nowhere near your healthy lifestyle.

Otago Eat is even easier: simply open the package and eat. Seriously, it’s that simple. Otago Heat meals are completely ready in seven minutes or less, while Otago Eat dishes are ready on the tear.


And while your busy schedule may not be so flexible, these meals certainly are; all products are vacuum-sealed and last up to 10 days in the fridge.

Rosemary roasted lamb, coal-grilled salmon, vegetable omelet salad, and gluten-free blueberry vanilla pancakes are just some of the incredible options.


Trust us, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to four – check out the full shop here, and use the “notable” promo code to receive 20% off your purchase.

Ok, so you’re dying to get a taste – and we’re here to deliver it. Check out our post below right now and tag one friend you’d love to share a healthy meal with. The chosen winner and their +1 will receive a day’s worth of Otago meals.

You’ve been planning meals around your workouts forever – it’s time to switch it up and start planning workouts around your meals.