These Montrealers Just Made the Best ‘On The Road’ Video You’ll Ever See

News recently broke that this was the coldest February ever recorded, and although it may seem like the worst is nearing its end, more bad news came out warning us about March weather.

Why, weather gods, why?

Clearly the East Coast is getting punished for one reason or another, and the only things making us happy these days are comfort food, Netflix, and dreaming about leaving to warmer places.

Which is where these next Montrealers and come in.

They packed up and left the freezing tundra of Montreal and headed south in their 1989 GMC conversion van with a few key things: surfboards, skateboards, a Panasonic GH4, Go Pro 4 and a drone, with a goal to make it to Baja, California while visiting as many US landmarks as possible.

And so they did. The result? A wanderlust video of epic proportions starting from Montreal with stops in Texas, New Mexico, at the NASA offices, the Grand Canyon and more.

Jealous? So are we.


*The video was producdr by Julien Rousing Côté (, directed by Guillaume Beaudoin (, with sound by Tim Buron (


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