These Human-Faced Lids Let You Kiss Your One True Love: Coffee

Do you dream of getting intimate with your coffee? Well, now that’s actually possible.

Designer Jason Woo-Seok has a love affair with coffee and was consistently disappointed with the uninventive way coffee lids look, so he decided to give things a little spice by creating a lid shaped like a human face – lips and nose included.

So if morning or afternoon make-outs are your thing but you have no one to assist you in that regard, your beloved coffee might just be the answer.


In an email with Mashable, Woo-Seok shared that he “created it for my sexual desire. Just kidding.”

Is he though?

Either way, we love this quirky take on drab lids. So if you see us getting up close and personal with our to-go coffee, don’t be weirded out.