These Glasses Help People See Colour for the First Time

“It’s not that I can’t name [colours]; there’s nothing there. That’s grey, and that’s grey, and that’s grey…”

… and that’s the reality for someone who lives with colour blindness – they literally don’t see the same world most of us do. And when you dive deeper into that reality, you realize the condition is more than just an inconvenience. 

Just think about all the daily challanges someone who can’t differentiate between colours faces: is the traffic light red or green? Is this steak sufficiently cooked? Do I have sunburn?

Pretty frustrating. 

But thanks to an innovative pair of glasses by EnChroma, which separate colours so you can identify their difference, it’s also pretty manageable.

Just watch the reaction of these people who can see the rainbow for the first time:

The future of 300 million people worldwide just got a whole lot more colourful. 


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