These Are the TTC Routes Most Likely to Be Late

No, it’s not just you. That streetcar is taking forever to get here.

According to public transportation app Swiftly, chances are it’s probably late. After compiling data over a four-week period, the company found that 53 per cent of TTC buses and streetcars arrived off schedule.

But some of the vehicles are just being extra keen. “Off schedule” was characterized to mean more than one minute early as well as more than four minutes late. And 44.1 per cent of the time, streetcars and buses were arriving several minutes earlier than scheduled.

Which is admirable, but since they’re not hanging around for us, that’s absolutely no help to those who live and die by travel scheduling apps.

If you regularly catch the Spadina streetcar, you could be in for an even longer wait: the 510 route arrives on schedule just a quarter of the time (24.9 per cent).

Here are the tardiest of all the routes (by percentage of on-time arrivals):

1. 510 Spadina: 24.9 per cent
2. 502 Downtowner: 26.2 per cent
3. 46 Martin Grove: 31.2 per cent
4. 304 King: 32 per cent
5. 509 Harbourfront: 33.7 per cent

But it’s not just Toronto. Swiftly has also compiled data on other North American cities and found that the TTC’s general adherence to schedules is average compared to transit systems like Los Angeles, Boston and Edmonton.

And if you take the bus around Eglinton, things are looking pretty rosy for your transit, as the 171 Mount Denis route topped the list of best performing.

Here are the most punctual (by percentage of on-time arrivals):

1. 171 Mount Denis: 80.9 per cent
2. 49 Bloor: 78.2 per cent
3. 30 Lambton: 73.3 per cent
4. 55 Warren Park: 66.4 per cent
5. 62 Mortimer: 64.7 per cent